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Different options,
different requirements.
Medical progress in diagnostics, treatments and prophylaxis is pushing back the limits of what is possible. Purely aesthetic aspects are playing an even greater role. More and more patients are demanding medical services for which they are also prepared to pay privately. Cross-border medical tourism and hospitals that turn a patient's stay into an experience have long been part of everyday life and are enjoying increasing popularity.

infoskop® supports you in presenting your services. Professional explanations and comparisons of alternative treatments with high-end 3D videos and images ensure the services and costs to be provided are properly understood. This means that special services are not just valued but also requested, with the resulting effect on profits.

Digital patient education support in HD. Because seeing things helps with the decision.

Some know exactly what they want, others are pleased to find out about all the options. In both cases infoskop® with its appropriate functionality knows how to convince both you and your patients.
  • Use infoskop®'s digital patient education system to make a clear statement about innovation and progress.
  • Use the infoskop® product suite to make your existing and potential customers aware of your range of services, including preventive services.
  • Support your arguments for high quality services using animated and technically reviewed infoskop® media content.
  • Use the pen function to show your personal approach and methodological competence on images, illustrations or film stills.
  • Send comprehensible decision-making aids to patients who are making large financial investments to help remove uncertainties.