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synMedico.de - Patientenaufklären;
Impressively different
patient education

There are many aspects to patient education
The legally required skilled, timely and comprehensible notification of diagnosis, treatment and possible medical measures, legally compliant patient consent, the requirement to have a copy of the documents and, last but not least, the requirement for seamless documentation resulting from the burden of proof.

infoskop® provides an efficient and effective
solution to these tasks.

Because the completely digital patient education support for the iPad that is seamless across media doesn't just relieve you of all legal aspects for education and documentation, but also ensures that your practice or hospital runs smoothly due to enthusiastic patients and smooth-running processes.

And that's all without any paperwork and rooms full of filing cabinets. So clarification is no longer just an obligation, but becomes an enjoyment and success factor for you and your team.

Frees up doctors. Stimulates team. Reassures patients.

infoskop® completely redefines patient communication and evolves productively in all directions.

Unburdening the boss across functions
In your role as a doctor you can explain services, costs and procedures to patients in an individual and legally compliant way by calling up patient information, forms, videos and illustrations on the iPad. To do this, infoskop® uses the iPad to synchronise patient data and information from the hospital and practice systems, as well as imaging procedures. So your tablet or iPad becomes a digital mobile patient file that frees up space for important things.
A new dimension of patient education
The integrated media content involvespatients in the information process at a completely new level, resulting in a significantly better understanding of the diagnosis and treatment approach. The patient education consultation can be carried out either in free-form or using pre-defined building blocks, meaning that all relevant aspects are discussed in a comprehensible way and patients feel reassured about their decision. Each educational sequence is automatically recorded and electronically signed by the patient.. The digital content can be transmitted quickly and securely electronically.
Processes run like clockwork
Teams in practices and hospitals benefit from optimised processes through workflows that are seamless across media, from appointment preparation to digital medical histories right through to the benefits of digital communication and archiving. Forms and patient data are always there when you need them, and missing information is quickly added. The high process quality also enables patient education consultations to be delegated to others in the team.
The tax adviser's favourite
Smooth and time-saving patient education and communication processes mean that infoskop® is not just a profitable success model for many practices and hospitals, but has become a real favourite with tax advisers and hospital CFOs.

“My doctor moves with the times. That reassures me and gives me a feeling of security.”
Arne Wilsdorf, Patient