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Textbook marketing
for practices and hospitals.

Every business owner knows the four marketing success factors off pat. You can successfully orchestrate your marketing mix with the right product, price, place and promotional strategy. In other words, anyone who understands anything about marketing will present their target group with appropriate offers and convincing reasoning about the benefits. Not easy to implement in the daily medical routine.

With infoskop® you can orchestrate virtually perfect marketing for your practice or hospital. You can raise targeted awareness of your range of services and communicate with patients via the latest media and channels. Mobile, with full integration of your workflow, in a predictable and documented way.

In-store TV, e-marketing, social media. And, over and above this, there are personal recommendations.

infoskop® supports your communication process from promotion of your services to communication of diagnoses and treatments through to education about procedures with options you won't even have thought of.
  • Enjoy becoming the number one topic of conversation way beyond your immediate environment – all through your own efforts and without any large promotional expenditure.
  • Touch to transfer individual educational and consulting content directly to external monitors.
  • Integrate animated media content from infoskop® into your website and Facebook page.
  • Inspire your patients with comprehensible, electronically transmitted patient education documents even before they check their inboxes.
  • Let infoskop® display your medical capabilities, latest treatment methods and preventive services in all waiting rooms and treatment rooms.
Offers and services
With infoskop® you can effectively showcase your range of medical services using animated content in a way that's right for the patient.
Prices, terms and conditions
Tell patients the pros and cons of different treatments, making services and prices understandable and transparent.
Distribution and sales
Generate multiplier effects and thus maximum reach for your service range via modern communication media such as email, Internet, social networks and TV that you manage via the infoskop® iPad.
Communication works particularly well if it is personalised and when you know what will persuade other people. The CRM functionality integrated into infoskop® supports individual and personalised consultations

“Anyone who wants the best medical care is better off going to a doctor who has the latest technology and methods.”
Elke Kaschmir, Patient