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Beyond all doubt
with e-signature

and logging function

infoskop® is your medium for quality assured patient education consultations. A multi-level security concept and smart reasonableness checks help you to avoid errors in capturing data and logging consultations.

infoskop® even reminds you if you ever forget to ask the patient for their electronic signature. All past electronic processes and activities are archived in the activity log and can be reviewed in detail.

Superb processes in practices and hospitals. No court cases.

Reasonableness checks
Reasonableness checks help avoid input errors, e.g. in the medical history or required security questions (key escrow, etc.). Signatures can no longer be forgotten in the daily hustle and bustle.
Logs and documentation
The automated time recording of user actions, e.g. calling up images and text, the integration of x-ray images, drawing on illustrations, signatures, etc. provides more valuable proof in legal disputes.
Electronic signature
Patient consent via signing the digital document is recognised by the approving authority and the relevant authorities.
For example, digital archiving of the signed information about the procedure as a PDF/A means there are no more legal problems due to the loss of paper documents. The legally compliant procedure for long-term archiving also dramatically reduces the high costs of conventional archiving.
What you can expect

infoskop® seamlessly documents all activities that have taken place on the iPad.
  • Automatic log (content, time)
  • Reasonableness checks when inputting
  • Multi-level security design
  • Minimises archiving errors

“You can only imagine the good fortune of not having to go through a law suit when you have had to endure one.”
Dr. T. Graf, Dentist