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Advisory Board –
quality assurance
Quality assurance

All media and software are designed and produced by us in house. Our well-practised team of medical specialists, editors and media experts ensure that our content and media are executed to the highest quality. Legal support is provided by our legal adviser and external law firms.
  • Editor-in-Chief Human: Dr.Kroker
  • Editor-in-Chief Dental: Dr. Knitschke
In addition to the persons responsible in our company's departments and the authors in the specialist areas, we have established an external advisory board to support the development of products and content in the areas of dentistry and human medicine, and to advise the management.

Medical support, Advisory Board:
  • Dr. Noah, Plastic Surgery
  • Dr. Feldmann, Surgery
  • Dr. Frölich, Radiology
  • Dr. Hebebrandt, Plastic Surgery
  • Dr. Issing, ENT
  • Dr. Paliege, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. von Lilienfeld-Toal, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Baumann, Orthopaedics
  • Dr. Hauk, Plastic Surgery, OMF
  • Dr. Johnsen, Surgery
  • Dr. Kuhlemann, ENT
  • Dr. Kulanga, Ophthalmology
  • Dr. Kürten, Anaesthetics
  • Dr. Ludwig, Urology
  • Dr. Martin Ebel, General Medicine
  • Dr. Meyer, Surgery
  • Dr. Schneider, Urology
  • Dr. Schmidt, Dermatology
  • Dr. Wagner, Plastic Surgery
  • Dr. Walter, Paediatrics

Legal advice:
  • Dr. Ratajczak, Solicitor Specialising in Medical Law
  • Dr. Weimar, Solicitor Specialising in Medical Law
  • Mr. Pietruk, Solicitor Specialising in Medical Law