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Modern surgery
Recognise. Act. Recover.
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Even the best treatment is only half as good if the patient doesn't follow their cure optimally because they haven't understood enough about it. With our 3D explanatory content that can be called up on the iPad, and x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans or sonography images that can be marked using the pen function, patients also understand which services and features are involved in the techniques you use.

Optimised service evaluation through service understanding. Your high quality modern medicine presented using a modern medium – comprehensible, comprehensive, impressively different. That gives the patient the good feeling that, with you, they are in the right hands. The bottom line is win-win for both doctor and patient.

The ideal preparation for a consultation with the doctor. The tried and trusted practice or hospital forms in a digital and interactive form, handouts that patients can understand, videos and images, and individual patient records are the ideal way to pass the baton to the boss.
Seeing, hearing and comprehension creates understanding. Just hearing doesn't mean understanding, let alone comprehension and therefore memorising and acting. We provide you with your tailor-made media suite, with over 1,400 videos in different categories.

Dialogue videos are silent videos that form the basis for a dialogue on difficult issues that are shown in a pleasant yet factually correct way. You can draw (pen function) and explain at any time during the videos. Each explanation is automated or incorporated into a set of documents by the user.

Presentation videos show medical issues with a sound track. The videos are particularly suitable as preparation for a consultation with the doctor and can be viewed on the iPad or on a monitor/TV. This gives you more time to get down to business in the individual consultation.

Marketing videos inform patients about your services and promote these in a targeted way. You can use them on the iPad, in the treatment rooms or as reception TV, giving you a flexible and powerful tool to generate targeted demand that you can fully delegate and control.

What benefits should you expect?
  • Better understanding of illnesses and treatments
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Better evaluation of the service by the patient
  • Better acceptance of the service by the patient
  • High levels of patient satisfaction with range of information
  • High levels of acceptance – even with elderly patients
  • Reduces doctor's time through partial delegation
  • Reduces doctor's time through pre-informing the patient
  • Real-time link between iPad and all practice monitors
  • Optimised practice marketing