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infoskop® Mobility
... quickly explained
Number one in Germany for digital mobile patient education and documentation.

All patient information at your fingertips. Anywhere you like in your practice.

Patient data from
your PVS/KIS
Call up the patient master data
saved in your IT system
directly to your iPad.
infoskop® isn't a “slave PVS“, but integrates perfectly into your existing IT system due to its intelligent interface functionality. As a pair, the two systems are unbeatable.
  • With infoskop® you can access patient information right where you are treating them, or at any other place in your practice.
  • Access all the images and documents, as well as the individual patient's history
X-rays, ultrasound,
intraoral images, etc.
Individual patient images from
all imaging procedures
right at your fingertips – and on flat-screen TV
Imaging procedures – often essential for diagnosis and deciding on treatment. You can access the images on the iPad at any time in high resolution retina-display quality. And, just as quickly and efficiently, you can send them directly from the iPad to other experts together with your doctor's letter.
Properly logged.
Seamlessly documented.
The logging function documents the
patient education consultation
seamlessly and compliantly.
Histories of all electronic processes and activities are saved in the activity log and can therefore be reviewed. The seamless consultation documentation, which can be found in the background, relieves you of the legal aspects of your patient education and documentation obligations. This not only eases the doctor's workload, but also ensures a relaxed atmosphere during the consultation.
Your tried and
tested practice forms.
Now interactive.
Now you can use your tried and
tested forms digitally.
Interactive and pre-completed.
infoskop® digitises your tried and tested practice forms such as medical history questionnaires, information on interventions and operations, etc. and enables you to access them interactively on your practice's iPads. So you benefit right from the start from the advantages of electronic communication and digital processes.
  • Send out digital documents that can be completed by patients on the PC in advance of consultations with a single touch-point.
  • Enable patients to electronically confirm their medical history, appointments and declarations of informed consent.
  • By enabling you to swap sheets of paper for a tablet, infoskop® avoids the need to transfer analogous information into the IT system or the filing cabinet, saving you time and effort.
  • Benefit from perfectly documented patient records during patient consultations.
Videos, illustrations and
images in HD.
Specialist educational
content reassures your patients
and facilitates their decisions.
Our visualised explanatory content in the form of videos, animation and illustrations, designed and approved by our specialist medical advisory panel, translates medical jargon into facts that can be readily understood and grasped by non-experts.
So your patients will very quickly understand what actually lies behind the medical treatment you are recommending. That makes an important contribution towards making a quick decision on the best possible treatment approach and encourages payment for services from basic treatments upwards.
Pen function
for notes and
individual emphasis.
You use the pen to mark
what the issue is
on X-rays, illustrations
or still images.
Patient explanation is as individual as a patient's medical history and the doctor's treatment approach. A paper form lacks this individuality. Therefore using the infoskop® pen function to highlight and make notes during the explanation gives it your own personal touch.
You can mark anything worth referring to or noting at any time you like and on any pictorial surface. So everything that was clarified and discussed is recorded for all parties. That makes matters not only particularly comprehensible, but also particularly secure.

Twelve icons let you keep on top of all processes and every situation.

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