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The infoskop® product suite
for practices and hospitals.
Number one in Germany for digital mobile patient education and documentation.

Detailed highlights. infoskop® eConsent infoskop® TV

  • Patient
    • Better understanding of illnesses and treatments
    • Improved patient compliance
    • Better performance evaluation of the patient
    • High levels of patient satisfaction with range of information
    • High levels of acceptance – even with elderly patients
  • Reduces time
    • Reduces data collection time
    • Partial delegation reduces doctor's time
    • Advance information about the patient reduces doctor's time
    • Reduces paper and printing costs
    • Dramatic cost reduction in archiving
    • Completely electronic process reduces costs
  • Availability
    • Mobile access to data/imaging from KIS/PVS
    • Mobile access to texts, videos and illustrations from infoskop® eConsent
    • Avoids duplication of work
    • Archived data can be found and made available at any time
    • Seamless integration into practice processes via iPad
    • Also outside of the practice via VPN
  • Security
    • "Managed education" avoids omissions
    • Reasonableness checks reduce entry errors
    • Linked security requests
    • Automatic time recording
    • Minimises archiving errors (paper)
    • Compliant signature meets legal requirements
    • Electronic processes can be checked in detail
  • Media
    • Over 1,400 HD patient videos
    • Over 1,500 illustrations
    • Explanatory texts (sheets) on a wide range of specialist areas
    • Electronic forms, e.g. medical history
    • Can be freely combined with image data from practice IT system
    • All media usable for free, e.g. for practice website
  • Technology

    • Compatible with KIS/PVS/image technology
    • Easily integrates into existing practice IT system
    • Data access via iPad, desktop PCs
    • Real-time link from iPad to all practice monitors
    • Also connects via VPN
  • Increased
    • Targeted information
    • Better performance leads to greater acceptance
    • Improved service evaluation increases readiness to accept additional charges
    • Planning tool ensures 100% patient reach
    • Campaigns can be delegated to assistant, removing time pressure from doctors
    • Quality assurance of first contact by assistant
    • Documents and analyses campaigns
    • Reduces promotional costs for print media
  • infoskop® – the
    HD practice TV
    • With HD TV system consisting of LCD TV, decoder and mounting bracket
    • All contributions in HD
    • Free choice of over 1,100 HD films on your practice services
  • infoskop® -

    flexible and
    • You're the boss! Full control over your content via our
      hotline or customer software. Free, of course!
    • You can define as many programmes as you like –
      so you always have the right films, e.g. to suit special clinics or seasonal fluctuations.
    • HD films for waiting rooms and receptions, interactive for the treatment room
      and on your website.
    • Always the right film. If your topic is not available, we will provide you with your required topic in HD quality
  • infoskop® -

    • "Video on demand" – you can select the required topic straight away
      via iPad remote ordering.
    • infoskop® for networked surgeries:
      We provide networked surgeries with their own channel
      that you can simply dial into via iPad remote ordering on the device.
    • Selectable topic channels on specific
      medical topics (cardio, diabetes,
      implants, etc.).