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Bild Be sure
to take the right decisions.

Induction cooker, Ibiza or an implant?
In life difficult decisions sometimes need to be taken. Because, as so often happens, you can't do everything. In these cases you – not the Internet – should provide your patients with the right aids to decision-making and good arguments.

Infoskop® supports you in this with understandable information on your range of services to help the patient take decisions they believe in.

For one person it's routine. For another, a life-changing experience.

No more jargon
Visualised explanatory content in the form of videos, animation and illustrations translates medical jargon into facts that can be readily understood. Patients immediately comprehend what actually lies behind the medical treatment. That makes a big contribution towards quick decision-making and reduces the danger of misunderstandings.
At last – understandable patient education
Whether it's in the preliminary briefing, in the treatment room or at the sick bed – doctors can draw on easily understandable explanatory content, and mark up diagnostic images directly on the iPad. By transferring the explanatory content onto a large monitor, all details can be seen and discussed.
The best possible decision
Carefully designed animation of medical issues and operating techniques quickly sweeps away uncertainties and misunderstandings, and strengthens patients' belief in the favoured approach. Vague anxieties give way to a calm feeling of being in the right hands and having made the best decision.
The right pace for each case
Sometimes things need to move on quickly, and sometimes thinking time is needed. infoskop® takes account of both scenarios. Patients can confirm urgent appointments, declarations of informed consent and other digital documents on their home PC with just a few clicks and also discuss the digital information about the procedure, including alternative treatment and cost plans, in a relaxed atmosphere with their families.

“Sometimes you could get the impression that no more progress has been made on patient education. In discussing my upcoming intervertebral disc operation, I found that this isn't always the case.
T. Ranetsberger, surgery patient