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Success in your
hands. Wireless.

Teams in practices and hospitals that are purely involved in "medical" issues
are ancient history. Whether you're a practice manager or an assistant, you are today's process manager making sure things run smoothly. Patient communication and documentation play a key role in the overall outcomes for practices and hospitals.

Infoskop® supports you in performing your
role capably and coping with your tasks with flying colours.

Your mobile practice management centre.

Appointment preparation
infoskop® helps assistants and hospital staff prepare patients optimally for their consultation with the doctor. Tried and tested practice forms in a digital and interactive form, handouts that patients can understand, videos and images, and individual patient records are the ideal way to pass the baton to the boss.
Patient consultation
Using infoskop®, the doctor can take a free-form approach to educating the patient or use an interview guide. The common theme guarantees that all relevant aspects are discussed. So some aspects of patient education can also be taken on by the team, with their quality assured.
infoskop® prepares the digital consultation documentation automatically in the background, taking into account all utilised media. Intelligent reasonableness checks and security prompts avoid input errors and ensure patients provide digital signatures.
Thanks to digital archiving via PDF/A, everything is where it belongs and can be called up at any time remotely. No frantic searching through an overcrowded filing cabinet, no loss of paper documents. And the legally compliant procedure for long-term archiving gives you a good feeling if you need to provide evidence.