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infoskop® looks good
in anyone's hands
Organisational talent for teams in practices and hospitals. Recording aid for doctors. Aid to decision-making for patients.

Your role. Your specialist area. Your infoskop®.

Frees up doctors
infoskop® empowers doctors, not just through compliant and seamlessly documented patient education, but by freeing up beneficial reserves of time through perfectly timed processes that are seamless across media and smart division of responsibilities.
Inspires teams
Teams in practices and hospitals benefit from optimised processes through workflows that are seamless across media, from preparation for appointments to digital medical histories right through to digital communication and archiving.
Reassures patients
Using infoskop® makes patient education into more than just a visual experience. It also communicates with all the patient's senses. Seeing, hearing and understanding creates comprehension. And someone who comprehends feels secure and has a clear view of the required decisions.
Well-oiled processes
infoskop® optimises processes for practices and hospitals. Mobile patient education, digital workflows and interactive practice forms help avoid errors and wasted time. And when everything around you works well, the annual balance sheet also sparkles.